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Top 10 Things To Do At Magic Kingdom in 2021

Magic Kingdom is the ultimate Disney park. If you think about Walt Disney World you instantly imagine Magic Kingdom. Cinderella’s castle is a true Disney landmark and something people travel from all parts of the world to see. There are so many fabulous things to do and see during a trip to Magic Kingdom, but what if you could know the top 10 must-do things to help you plan the ultimate day at Magic Kingdom (especially in 2021). You are in LUCK! We compiled the best ten things to do on your next visit to Magic Kingdom.

Tons of things changed this year in regards to planning your visit to Magic Kingdom. Let me help guide you on how to plan the ultimate visit to the most magical place on Earth.

Here are the best ten best things to do at Magic Kingdom in 2021.

1 – Stroll Main Street

Upon entering Magic Kingdom, take your time! 2021 is something that may never happen again and I advise you to take FULL advantage of the low crowd levels. One of the biggest bonuses of small crowds? NO RUSHING. How often have you arrived at Magic Kingdom and had to run to a FastPass or to an attraction to beat the crowds? Treat 2021 as a blessing and take your time. Walk up Main Street and take in all the sights. Pop in the bakery for a treat, head into the l Emporium to try on some ears, or hit up Uptown Jewelers to dream about what if…

This may be the only time you can leisurely stroll up Main Street – take advantage, take lots of photos and once again TAKE YOUR TIME!

2- Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

One of the best attractions to take advantage of during these unprecedented low crowds is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Even after being in rotation after several years, it remains one of the most sought after attractions. Now is the time to take a ride through the mine with the seven dwarfs.

3 – Dole Whip

Enjoy a mid-day snack at Ahola Isle with a delicious Dole Whip. Get the full Magic Kingdom experience with one of their most famous treats.

4 – Pirates Of The Caribean

Classic rides create memories to last a lifetime. If you are planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom this year you must include a ride on Pirates as part of your itinerary.  Extend the experience by checking out the gift shop upon your exit. Some of my best memories and greatest photos come from the exit of this ride.

5 – Ride The Mountains

Head into Frontierland and head towards the mountains. Imagine being able to go on both Splash Mountain and Great Thunder Mountain without a huge wait. Please note, there are still wait times for the best Magic Kingdom attractions, but are minimal in comparison to previous years.  No trip to Magic Kingdom is complete without a trip on the mountains of Frontierland.

6 – Haunted Mansion

In recent years Haunted Mansion has become something of a cultural phenomenon with a HUGE merchandise launch across several brands. When you think of Magic Kingdom, Haunted Mansion is one of the first things that come to mind. The queue is easily one of the most creative in all of Walt Disney World. It’s definitely worth a visit.

7 – Peter Pan’s Flight

Up next is my personal favorite, but something I couldn’t always ride due to insane wait times, Peter Pan’s Flight.  This is one of the rides with the longest wait times out of all the parks. Yet another bonus of the park’s capacity limits it the ability to ride Peter Pan’s Flight with less of a wait. Head off to Neverland in half the time!

8 – It’s A Small World

A trip to Magic Kingdom isn’t complete without a 20-minute boat ride around the world. 289 dolls and five languages guide you through a fun experience that makes your visit to Magic Kingdom one you will never forget. Yet, that’s me admitting the song will be stuck in your head all day.

9 – Tomorrowland {Space Mountain & Buzz Lightyear}

Am I cheating a bit with this top ten list and including extra attractions and things to do when I can? You bet! Limiting the magic to a top ten list is so hard when there are so many incredible things you can on a visit to Magic Kingdom. With that said, Space Mountain is a must-do when you head into Tomorrowland. However, you can’t leave without a visit to see everyone’s favorite toy, Buzz Lightyear. These two space-themed attractions are sharing the number 9 slot because it would be a shame to miss either one during your next trip to Magic Kingdom.

10 – Characters Cavalcade

Characters are the heart and soul of Magic Kingdom. When the changes were first announced you could collectively hear the hearts of Disney fans breaking across the country. In an amazing turn of events, the Characters Cavalcades have proven to be a hit among park-goers. The Disney Character Cavalcades at Magic Kingdom are processions of your favorite Disney characters that walk by in an organized way and greet guests. Many refer to them as mini-parades and are a HUGE hit!


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