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The Ultimate Guide to Disney Cruising – All About The Disney Dream

Disney Cruise line is loved by many people all over the world. There are lots of other cruise lines but non come close to the level of service you receive onboard the Disney Cruiseline.

When it comes to planning a Disney Cruise, things can get a bit confusing. Where should you sail? What are the best ports? What time of year should you sail? Are the speciality Disney cruises worth it? That’s the whole reason I decided to write this guide

If you’re looking ahead to the future to plan a vacation with Disney Cruise Line, there is a lot that can be confusing! Where should you sail? What ship should you sail on? We get it, we’ve been there.  So we’ve put together a quick guide to the Disney Cruise Line Ships to help you!

Currently, there are four gorgeous ships in their fleet with a fifth ship making its inaugural voyage later this year.  Each shihas its own signature style and allure. In this guide, you will get to know more about each Disney Cruise ship to help you decide which one you should choose for your next magical vacation.

The four Disney Cruise ships currently in rotation are the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy. As I mentioned earlier, the Disney Wish will make its grand debut later this year. Each of these ships offer their own unqiue experience both onboard and at their specific ports of call.


You might be asking yourself – what’s the difference between the four ships and it’s a valid question. What sets the ships apart from each other? The first thing that comes to mind is size. The Magic and Wonder are slightly smaller than the Dream and Fantasy. In addition, each ship has their own unqiue itineraries, onboard entertainement, shopping, and restaurants.


To make things simple, many people choose what ship to go on based off the ships intinerary or where the embark from. For example, a close family friend took their first Disney cruise because the Disney magic was sailing out of NYC and they are local to the area. There was no need for air travel which made booking that particular cruise a no brainer.


First up is one of Disney’s larger ships, the Disney Dream. The Disney Dream and Fantasy are sister ships – they have lots of similar design features but also enough unique touches to set them apart. The Disney Dream has 1250 rooms with a max capacity of 4000 guests. The unique statute in the main atrium on the Disney Dream is none other than Admiral Donal Duck.

FUN FACT: Each Disney Cruise ship has their own special character statue in their main atrium and one on their stern.

Sorcerer Mickey is on the stern of the Disney Dream.


Calling all foodies! The Disney Dream has lots of delicious dining options sure to please even the pickiest of palettes.

Onboard the Disney Dream, table service restaurants include Royal Palace, Animator’s Palate, and Enchanted Garden. You will eat in a rotation that allows you to try each restaurant based on your assigned seating.

The Disney Dream also offers two adult-only, reservation required, eateries Remy and Palo. These are considered two of the best dining experiences at sea and not to missed.


The shows onboard a Disney Cruise are nothing short of incredible. Every night there is an entertainment option for you to enjoy while at sea. Some of the shows you can see on the Disney Dream include Beauty and The Beast, The Golden Mickeys, and Believe.


The Ports of Call change from year to year so always refer to the Disney website for the latest information. For 2022, the Disney Dream is set to sail to the Bahamas and Western Caribbean itineraries.

Ready to set sail? Want to learn even more about the Disney Dream? Allow me to plan the ultimate Disney Cruise vacation for you and your favorite people.

Learn everything you need to know about The Disney Dream – one of ship of the Disney Cruise Line, Plan a magical vacation for you and your loved ones on the magical vessel known as the Disney Dream. Find our more today!


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