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Top 10 Attractions To Visit At Epcot This Year

Epcot is set to go through its largest transformation since its inception. The rendering alone gives me goosebumps so I cannot imagine how I’ll feel once the massive project is complete. Personally, Epcot is my favorite park. Some of my best Disney memories come from this park.

The biggest question remains – is Epcot worth visiting while the entrance is being completely reimagined? The answer is YES! The crowd levels are at all-time lows making this year the best time to visit the future of tomorrow.

Here are the 10 best Epcot attractions you should visit this year.

1 – Soarin’

Take the skies is the reimagined Soarin’ Around The World. This experience is simply breathtaking and it’s one you cannot miss. Soarin’ is one of the most popular attractions on property but with the low crowd, levels wait times are significantly shorter right now.

2-  Nemo

Finding Nemo is such a feel-good movie and the attraction that shares its name continues down the same path. The Living Seas is a great place to visit on your next visit to Epcot.

3 – Test Track

Test Track still remains one of the more popular attractions at Epcot which normally equals incredibly long wait times. Luckily these days you can ride Test Track is half the time. One of the best parts is building your own car.


4 – Spaceship Earth

No trip to Epcot is complete without a trip through history on Spaceship Earth. One of the main park icon this classic Epcot attraction is a must-do during your next visit.

5 – Mission Space

Admittedly, this attraction originally was too intense for many guests. Thankfully, there is a tamer version designed to allow for a better guest experience for those of us that cannot fully enjoy the original version

6 – Travel The World

Once you are trip to the Future is complete it’s time to head for a tour around the world. Epcot still has so much to offer even while it goes through its transformation.  There are great attractions you can visit throughout the world. I highly recommend creating a photo tour where you take a fun photo in front of the main attractions in each country.  It makes for wonderful memories.

7 – Frozen Ever After

Elsa and Anna fans rejoice! Frozen Ever After is the ultimate fan experience. You are transformed straight into Arendale on a fun boat ride filled with moments you will never forget!

8 – Snacks

Easily one of the best things to do in Epcot is…EAT! Epcot is known as having some of the best snack on Disney property. A snack tour is a great way to spend a day a Epcot. You can eat your way through the countries eating nothing but snacks. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a dream vacation

9 – Drink Around The World

If you are of age, another great Epcot experience is the unofficial drinking tour around Epcot. In simple terms, it means you try the traditional drink served in each country. Let me just say that one is more delicious than the next. Pace yourself and enjoy!

10 – Special Events

Something that sets Epcot apart from the other parks is its special events. Festival Of The Arts, Flower and Garden Festival, and The Food And Wine Festival are all fantastic in their own right. Each offers a delicious variety of specialty foods, phenomenal entertainment, and experiences you will never forget.


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