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What To Pack In Your Bag For A Day At The Disney Parks

Spending the day at the Disney park can be magical, but it can also be a complete diaster if you are not properly prepared. There are a few neccesities you must pack in your bag to help ensure you have the best possible Disney day.



As a Disney Parks visitor we are more relient on our phones than ever before so it’s important we have a reliable portable phone charger

The last thing you want is to be lined up for a picture in front of the castle and your phone dies. There are several charing stations around the parks, but I find it so much more convenient to carry my own portable charger.

Who wants to waste time waiting for a phone to charge?

2. HAT

The Florida sun can be relentless. especially in the summer. Be sure to pack your favorite hat to help shield you from getting sick from the sun.


If you are planning a trip to Disney in the summer, chances are it’s going to rain. Remember a rainy day at Disney is better than a sunny day at home. Be prepared by packing a travel poncho. The park ponchos are both pricey and uncomforable


Disney Parks can get very hot and my favorite way to beat the heat is with a cooling towel. My husband discovered these a few trips back and now we never leave home without them.


Being safe is everyone’s top priority when visitng Disney and one way to to that is by taking proper precautions with the sun. Make sure you have sunscreen in your Disney park bag. Even if you apply it first thing in the morning, it will wear off between riding your favorite rides. This is probably one of the most important things you need in your park bag.


One of my newer must have items for my Disney Parks bag are re-usable straws. In recent years, Disney has gone green. They did away with plastic straws a few years back and let me just say the paper straws leave a lot to be desired.

To be honest, paper straws get soggy and pretty gross when wet.


Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Stay hydrated. Packing a refillable water bottle is a must! My recommendation is to fill up your bottle with ice water in the morning, this way it stays nice and cold during your day at the parks. Having delicious ice water helps you stay cool and hydrating while enjoy your visit with Mickey.


Disney still requires a mask for all indoor activities. My recommendation is to pack several masks for each day. Even during the cooler months, Florida can get very hot. The last thing you want is your day ruined because of an uncomfortable mask. Amazon has lots of Disney mask options for your park bag.


Disney is one of the cleanest places to visit but germs are everywhere! You can’t wash your hands after every attraction but you can certainly sanitize in style. 


Disney has the BEST snacks but one way I love to cut down on spending is by packing a couple of my own snacks. Each day I treat myself to my favorite Disney park snacks but I always pack my own snacks so I never feel guilty about treating myself!


A few trips back I injured my toe while wearing flip flops and didn’t even have so much as a bandaid. I had to hobble across Magic Kindgom to get myself to the First Aid station to get relief. Since that day I never left my hotel without bandaids, a first aid kit and pain relivers.

Be Prepared!

Hopefully this post helped your prepare your bag for your next visit to the Disney Parks. There’s nothing worse than ruining your day at Disney by forgetting something you could have easily packed yourself.
Oh, and don’t forget your park tickets, hotel key and your wallet!

Have a MAGICAL time!

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