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What To Pack For Disney 2021 – Safety Edition

Let’s be real, traveling to Disney in 2021 is very different from years past but it can still be a trip filled with magic. Disney and planning have always gone hand in hand so this is not completely out of the ordinary. Here’s a comprehensive list of everything you should pack for a Disney vacation in 2021.

Safety First

First, you need to make sure you are staying safe while visiting Disney in 2021. Rest assured that Disney is doing everything they can to keep their guests happy and safe during their vacations. Sanitizing is important no matter where you go. Here are some things you should pack to help keep you safe while at Disney.

  • Masks – a minimum of two masks per day. It’s recommended to have at least 4 a day due to the Florida heat.
  • Hand Sanitizer – a personal bottle of hand sanitizer will come in handy when leaving your favorite attractions
  • Wipes – personally I like to wipe down any surface in my room or restaurants I visit to give myself an extra feeling of security.
  • Sunglasses – you want to be sure to protect your eyes from the Floridian sun
  • Poncho – helps protect you from random Florida rainstorms
  • Moleskin – you are going to be doing a TON of walking so you want to protect your feet as best you can
  • Powder or Body Glide – trust me on this one. Chaffing can quickly ruin a vacation.
  • Chilly pads or cooling towels – avoid overheating with a cooling product. Heatstroke is real and can easily be avoided by packing the right products
  • Reusable Water Bottles – HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! It’s so important to stay hydrated while at Disney.
  • External Charger – imagine getting separated from your party and your phone’s dead! Avoid this scenario by packing a portable charger.
  • Fan – a portable fan does wonders to help you cool down especially when waiting in an outside queue (Hello, Slinky Dog!)
  • SUNSCREEN –  easily one of the most important things you need to pack to stay safe while at Disney. You can burn very quickly in the strong Floridian sun
  • GOOD Walk Shoes – you are going to walk more than ever before so invest in a good pair of walking shoes before your trip. Your feet with thank you!

Staying safe at Disney is easy to do with a little planning. This list is short and sweet making it easy to remember. The last thing you can do is ruin your magical vacation by not packing properly. Be on the lookout for more packing inspired post from The Magical Travel Queen this year!

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