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How to Plan For A Disney Vacation In 2021

Planning a Disney vacation looks a lot different these days, but it can still be one of the most exciting things to do. All you need is a plan, patience, and a little bit of pixie dust!

Gone are the days of the last-minute trips to Disney – instead you need to decide early when you want to go and for how long. Thankfully, I can answer all the questions you have and can help you plan all the details. Traveling can still be magical. Mickey wouldn’t have it any other way!

Things To Remember When Booking A Trip To Disney In 2021

Park Reservations: You now need a reservation to enter the park. This is why planning is an essential part of booking a trip to Disney. Crowds might be increasing and capacity numbers are constantly changing but right now you will need a reservation to enter any Disney park through 2021.

Why this is important: Normally you could rely on Fastpasses, Extra Magic Hours, and crowd calendars. That’s all changed thanks to our ever-changing world.

Thankfully there is a park reservation calendar you can check prior to making your reservations.

Fastpasses: Fastpasses are still a no go in 2021. There have been no announcements regarding when they are coming back, but I’ll keep you all informed as I learn more.

Magic Bands: 2021 vacations will no longer receive a complimentary magic band. You can still purchase one but gone are the days of the free magic bands for Disney resort guests.

60 Day Dining Reservations: The 180-day reservation system was shortened to 60 days when Disney reopened. If I’m being honest, I consider this a HUGE perk. I love the shortened reservation window. It makes planning much easier.

Dining Plans: Dining plans are still off the table for 2021 Disney packages. This is one I have my eye on. No word yet on when dining plans are set to return but we should know more as we get more into the new year.

PARK HOPPERS ARE BACK! WOO – HOO! Staring in early 2021 you will be back to park hop again. With all things Disney these days, there are a few changes to note. You still need to make a park reservation for the first park you intend to visit for the day. Park Hopper Hours start at 2 PM each day and last for the rest of the day. These hours are subject to change and based on park availability.


2021 Disney vacations can still be filled with magic and wonder! Let me help you navigate all of these new changes and get you set up for a vacation you will remember forever.

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