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Give The Gift Of MAGIC This Holiday Season

This year has been tough on ALL of us! With Christmas fast approaching the world is once again filling with wonder and excitement as the anticipation builds. If this year taught us anything its that family and those you care about are what life is all about. As life begins to slowly return to normal many of us are thinking about what to get our family for Christmas and daydreaming about our next vacation. Well, what if I said you can combine the two? Make this Christmas one your family will NEVER forget!

Give your family the gift of a magical family vacation to DISNEY WORLD. It’s becoming safer to travel and as you know from my previous posts Disney is doing everything in their power to make visiting as safe as possible. Can you imagine the look on your family’s face on Christmas morning when then open a box announcing a Disney trip? Wow. It’s something you are going to remember forever.


I can help! If you don’t already know my name is Beth and I am a certified Disney travel agent destined to help you plan the trip of a lifetime. The best part? My services are absolutely free! You could contact me directly through my booking page BOOK A MAGICAL TRIP  I will be able to walk you through every step of the process and get the best quote to help you plan the best Christmas gift possible. By contacting me we with simply going to discuss your travel options nothing is set in stone until you are ready to book. Once again this is a completely free service to you!


Deck the halls: Walt Disney World reimagines 2020 holiday celebration



ANYTIME you want! You can give your family the most magical git every on Christmas morning but not travel until later in 2021. Counting down to a Disney vacation is half the fun! Rest assured I can help you with all of these details to put your mind at ease.


One great idea is to locate a large box, fill it with a mickey balloon so when your family unwrap their package they are greeted by Mickey! At the edge of the balloon string, you can include a letter that details your trip. Then sit back and watch your family fill with excitement!


If you would like to discuss your travel options please feel free to contact me and we can get started on planning the ULTIMATE Christmas gift to give your family this year!


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