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Traveling In A Time Of Uncertainty

Traveling In A Time Of Uncertainty

2020 has certainly not been the best year for anyone. Life seems to be on hold and no one is quite sure what life will look like in the future. As a travel planner who loves to travel, it’s been especially trying. I’ve canceled so many vacations for both my clients and myself that it hasn’t been very magical.

That all changed when my husband and I finally made a decision about when and where we would go for a summer getaway.  We had so many plans that had been canceled and the circle of where we felt comfortable traveling to during a pandemic continued to get smaller. Then one night while making dinner, I suggested staying in our own state of Massachusetts. Staying in state meant we can drive our own car, we know what the current phase of opening is and we wouldn’t have to quarantine either when we get there or when we get home.

Suddenly, we both went into active planning mode. We made a list of possible destinations – Cape Cod, Provincetown, Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. We looked at hotel and restaurant options and what we could do and see in each location. It felt so good.

After a day or so of researching destinations, we made the decision to go to Martha’s Vineyard. Friends who have been to the Vineyard before, advised us to stay in Edgartown, one of the 6 towns on the island. After looking at all the options, we decided Edgartown seemed perfect. Now the real planning could begin.

Our first order of business was to find a place to stay. We personally prefer a traditional hotel versus renting a house so we narrowed our focus to several hotels in the central area of Edgartown. We landed on a historic inn, right in the middle of everything, that had recently undergone renovations, and had a pool onsite. Martha’s Vineyard has some amazing beaches, but we figured it might be best to keep to ourselves at the pool. Another key factor in deciding on a place to stay was a COVID policy. Knowing that we had flexibility up to check-in date made the decision more comfortable for us. Once this important piece was booked, I could move on to the little details.

From here, things like transportation to and from the island along with where to eat while there started to come together. I joined Martha’s Vineyard groups on Facebook for suggestions and current reports in regard to social distancing and crowds.

It felt so good to be looking at a new destination and making concrete plans. After months of having the same quarantine conversations over and over with each other, it was a nice respite to have something new to talk about and to look forward to. The improvement to both our moods was incalculable. Quarantine has taken its toll on everyone in different ways, but everyone needs something to be excited about.

I am happy to report that the trip was 100% a success. Martha’s Vineyard was the perfect location for our getaway. Our hotel was everything I hoped it would be – comfortable, close to everything and the pool was fantastic. We had amazing meals and loved Edgartown so much that we are hoping to go back in October. We agreed not to push things. We ate exclusively at restaurants that could seat us outdoors or took take-out back to our room. If the town seemed busy with crowds, we stayed at the pool or hung out in our room either playing cards and reading.  We both felt that seeing 4 different walls and eating some different foods for a week was all that we needed after all 2020 had thrown our way.

Travel may look different for a while longer, but if you’re comfortable and need to get away, options are out there. Your travel expectations may need to be altered, but with the right frame of mind, the process of planning and going on vacation is still one of the best ways to rejuvenate both mind and body.

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