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How to Use Disneyland’s Max Pass System

One huge perk of admission to any Disney park, whether Walt Disney World in Florida, or Disneyland in California is the inclusion of Fast Pass with your ticket. In both locations, FastPass saves guests time standing in line for many attractions. How they accomplish that for guests differs greatly between the two.

I recently spent a weekend at Disneyland and was able to try out Max Pass first hand. It’s a great system! The cost is $20 per person per day and it includes any Photo Pass photos taken that day in the park. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

1.The only way to use Max Pass is to first download the official Disneyland app to your smartphone

2. Once you are inside the gates of the park, you can start using the app to get your first Max Pass. When you launch the app, you will see a section called “Get FASTPASS with Disney            MaxPass”. Tap on that to get to the next screen.


3. The next screen will give some general information about the cost and benefits of buying Max Pass. There is also a spot to tap “Get FASTPASS with Disney Max Pass”. Tap that area to get started. Max Pass can also be added to your Disneyland vacation package at the time of booking.

 4. The members of your travel party with eligible tickets will appear on the next screen. You can also link your tickets here if needed.

  5. Once your party is selected and tickets linked, you will be asked to select which theme park you’d like to search for a Fast Pass in. If you have a Park Hopper ticket, you can select a Fast          Pass in either park. For example, you are spending the morning at Disneyland Park, but plan to head over to Disney’s California Adventure for the evening. You can look for Fast Passes at            California Adventure for your

 6. All of the rides that are Fast Pass eligible will now be displayed with both the Fast Pass return time and the current wait time on the Standby Line. It will also display any height requirements,     if applicable. (photos). Select the attraction you’d like to make a FastPass for by tapping the time in blue.

Note: You cannot get multiple Fast Passes for the same attraction at the same time. However, once you have used your first Fast Pass for an attraction, it will be eligible to select again. You also can have several FastPasses at once for different attractions.

8. The final screen will show your confirmed selection. It will also show you what time you will be eligible to make your next Fast Pass. Be sure to note that time since it will not be displayed anywhere else. The time between FastPasses can vary widely from as quickly as 15 minutes later to 90 minutes later. I suggest setting an alarm on your phone so that you can make your selection as soon as possible.

That’s it! You now have a FastPass using Max Pass!

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